February Newsletter 2022

Hello to all!

As we move out of a hectic January we are now looking to the year ahead and formulating plans for how we can better serve our customers in the upcoming year. Here are a few of the things we are bringing to online shop as well as any changes to our service for 2022:

New pricing structure for small run custom films

We have made a few changes to the pricing of our small run custom film service. If you are providing the artwork then the first metre is £25 as it always was but now we will be charging £15 a metre for all subsequent metres. This should make it a slightly more affordable option for those needing a few metres of their design.If we are designing the film then there will now be no design fee if your design is simple however it may still apply if you need something complicated that would take much longer to design. This would be agreed on before invoicing. The price for this service will be £25 per metre for the first metre and then again we will operate a price break to £15 per metre for each subsequent metre ordered at the same time. Hopefully this should help a little for those wanting customs but having their customers a little put off by the price. Unfortunately though custom costs and that’s just the way it is. Given the work and materials that go into a custom film compared to a mass produced one it it always going to put this product in a higher price category. To find out more about this service click here https://www.hydrostyleuk.co.uk/small-run-custom-hydrographics-film/

New off the shelf small run customs

Ronald Hydrodipping Film

We have just added a brand new category to the hydrographics film section of our website. This is for custom films that are already designed and ready to be printed in house. You can check them out over at https://www.hydrostyleuk.co.uk/product-category/all-hydrographics-products/hydrographics-films/custom-printed-hydrographics-films/ We expect this section will grow rapidly so be sure to check back to see what new designs are on offer!

New products for 2022

proxl generation 20 lacquer
Teal Candy Aerosol
fastmover fmt3040 air regulator

As we progress through the year we will be continuing to increase our range of stock in all areas. Already this year we have added new clear coat options, new degreasers, new tools and of course new film designs. We have even added a further 3 candy coat colours. We will look to expand all ranges we carry and are always open to suggestions that you may have.

New training dates

As we are in a new year we are now taking bookings for our 1 to 1 training courses. These cover everything from painting to dipping and to finishing. You can find more information on our training courses over at https://www.hydrostyleuk.co.uk/services/hydrographics-training/.

Hydro Style UK offers our services to the public and industry for hydrographics training in all aspects of the hydroprinting process. From painting to printing we can cover it all. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. From beginners who need to cover every step to those who need to concentrate on the finer points of hydroprinting we can tailor your training days to suit your needs.

We are located in Preston, Lancashire and only 5 minutes away from junction 1 of the M55 and 10 minutes from Junction 31a of the M6 meaning we are easy to find and much more accessible than you may have thought. We go out of our way to ensure that from start to finish your day(s) with us go smoothly and answer all questions you may have as throughly as possible. We want you to leave us armed with all the knowledge you need to make your business a success.

As mentioned, we take all skill levels whether you have never picked up a piece of sand paper or are a seasoned veteran looking for a little guidance we are happy to help

We thank you for your support in January and look forward to continuing to work with you this year.

Rik & Barry