Post Your Items

Here at Hydro Style UK hydrographics services we believe in making our hydroprinting service available to everyone. As such we allow you to mail your items to us to get your hydrographics put onto them. Below are a few guidelines that we like to have people read in order to make sure that all goes well if you plan to send your items via post. See our Contact page for our address details if this is a service you plan to use:

• First of all you must get in touch with us to discuss your work. This can be by phone, email or social media, whichever is your preference. See our Contact page for contact details.

• It is crucial to know what hydrographics design you would like prior to booking work. This includes, basecoat colour, hydrographics Pattern and finish. We need to know these things before sending your item so we can ensure the materials are at our Lancashire workshop ready to get started as soon we receive your item. This reduces turn around time on your work and will also make sure there is no confusion from either party regarding exactly what you are looking for.

• It is essential that you provide a paint code if you require a colour match or know the shade of colour you are looking for as this enables us to get the exact colour you are looking for.

• Be honest with the description of the item that requires hydroprinting on. Any prices we quote are based on the materials used but more importantly the time it takes to complete the work. Preperation of your item is the most time consuming part of the process, in many cases, so it is important that you accurately describe the state of the item. This enables us to give an accurate quote before you send us your item to be hydroprinted. For example if you state a set of alloy wheels are in mint condition but they turn up badly corroded this will add to the time taken to prepare the wheels but also to the cost involved in the work. Should we believe there is a need to increase the quoted price we will inform you of this before starting any work. This is why we stress the importance letting us know the condition of your item(s).

• You can use our Pattern viewer or get in touch with us to choose your Pattern. We are more than happy to provide guidance and recommendations if you are unsure as to which pattern will go best with your basecoat, finish and item. Simply get in touch via our Contact page.

• When packing your item ensure it is VERY well packaged to avoid any damage in transit. Ensure your box or other medium is suitable for the item you are sending and is not damaged or weakened.

• If you are sending something that usually contains fluid (i.e. fuel tank) you MUST ensure it is completely empty (including fumes). Do NOT under any circumstances send any flammable, corrosive or dangerous liquids in your items.

• ALWAYS refer to and adhere to the rules and regulations of whichever carrier you choose to use. Failure to do this could result in your item not being posted to us which is inconvenient for all parties involved. Each carrier has their own set of rules and we are not responsible for any decisions they make regarding your package.

• When sending items to us by post and subsequently having them mailed back to you please allow for a longer turn around on your work than you would if you were dropping the item off with us and collecting it. We cannot be held responsible for any delays in transit.

• Hydro Style UK hydrographics accepts no responsibility for your items apart from while they are with us at the workshop. If we receive your item in a state we believe is damaged we will get in touch straight away to let you know and provide you with pictures so you can tell us whether this is the case or not and you can then get in touch with the carrier for any insurance claims you need to make.