Small Run Custom Hydrographics Film F.A.Q.

 What base needs to be used under the custom film?

Normally you will want to use a white base coat like our Hydro Style Ice White but sometimes we would recommend a different basecoat colour in the case of things like woodgrain prints. A black and clear print can be used over any basecoat colour besides black.

What file format do I need to provide to get my own image made into a custom hydrographic film?

We always recommend sending us the original file the image was created in. You can also send high resolution photographs as well. Just remember that the max resolution we can reach is that which you provide as otherwise you will begin to see image degradation. Some of the most common file types that we use are – .TIFF, .AI, .PDF, .JPG, .PSD, .SVG and more. If you do not see your file type in this list then just send us an email or give us a call and we can try to help you out with any file format you may have.

What is the DPI that I need to have my image to be ready to send to you?

We can print any image that you send us but we normally recommend at least a 300 DPI or larger file in order to make sure the quality is as good as possible. If we believe that the custom image that you provide us is not of sufficient quality or may look bad when scaled up to a certain required size, we will certainly let you know before anything is printed. All prints are also printed onto glossy vinyl first and then sent to you for approval before the final print is carried out.

Does my pattern need to be seamless or can I send you a photograph that I have?

Your pattern/image does not need to be seamless if you dont want it to be and if you don’t need a continuous design for your project. We can print you any size designs/images that you want with any amount of blank space in between each print so you have plenty of room from one image to another. All you need do it let us know your requirements. If you do want your image to be seamless then we can help you out and get the pattern corrected if needed. Additional design charges may apply if we have to do any extra work to the image.

Do you charge a design fee to setup my custom film for printing?

Normally not. If you have an image that is already made seamless or is ready to print right away then we will not charge any design fee or setup costs. We will work with you by phone or email to discuss what scale you require as well as how many meters and the correct spacing to get the film just as you need. If your image or design requries us to modify or “fix” anything in your design then there will be a design fee based on the number of revisions and time it takes to do any work that is needed to be done. We will ALWAYS let you know up front what the design fee will be before we start any work so you don’t get any surprises and you will be asked to sign off on any agreements to protect both parties. If you have any other questions about fees please contact us for more info.

How much is a custom printed hydrographic image?

We keep all our pricing very simple across the board. You will pay £24.99 per meter for one square meter of custom film. One square meter of custom printed film will be 100cm wide and 100cm long.

Do you offer discounts on multiple orders or larger orders?

Unfortunately we do not as the film is very costly to print as well as the process involved to make it. Currently we sell all film for the same price across the board no matter if you order 1 square meter or 100+ meters of film.

How soon can you print my custom film? What is the turn around?

Normally we print your film within 24-48 hours (on working days) after the agreement has been signed and in most cases we can ship out your film within the same day or next day if ordered early enough. Then you just have the standard shipping times to get from our warehouse to your front door.

Do you offer expedited delivery of custom film?

Yes we do. If you are stuck with a very tight timescale and need custom film quickly then we can do our best to get it to you as soon as possible! By being able to print in-house, on our own equipment and keeping stock of all the materials needed, we can get your order out as soon as you need it with express shipping through normal shipping companies if needed.

How wide is your custom film? What is the dimensions of what I am getting?

We sell the custom film by the square meter. One square meter of custom film is 100cm wide x 100cm long. If you order 2 square meters of custom film then you will receive one roll of film that is 100cm wide and 200cm long. The 100cm width is always constant and the quantity of meters of film you order will determine the length of film roll.

Is there anything different on using the custom film vs normal hydrographic film?

Yes our custom film does differ slightly from the standard film used in the gravure printing process. First you will notice that the film will come with a plastic backing. This is to help feed the film into the printer because the PVA sheet is quite pliable and liable to crease if not backed. Before you dip the film, you will have to remove the plastic backing. We recommend cutting to size before doing this. Once the backing is removed you then treat it just like normal film by placing the side that was stuck to the plastic backing DOWN on the water. If you remove the backing and are unsure which side should go down then you will see that one side is glossier than the other. The glossy side would go down. After the film sits on the water for around 90 seconds at 29 degrees celcius it should have hydrated fully. The best way to tell ths is to watch the film as it takes on the water. The film will first go wrinkly as different areas take on water faster than others. Once the film has wrinkled and then laid completely flat again it is ready for activation. We advise reading our beginners guide to using film if you have not performed the hydrographics process before.

Do you print trademarked patterns or Football Team, comic characters or any other type of prints?

We DO NOT print anything like this unless you have the written consent of the party who owns the trademark to the pattern and/or image you are wanting to have printed. If you send us an image and we find that its “Copied from Google” then we will NOT be able to print it. If you have a question or concern about an image please feel free to contact us and we can let you know if we are able to print it or not.

What colors can you print onto a custom film?

We can print all the colors except for white ink, silver or gold type inks. To bring out the colour of your hydrographics film you would normally use a white base coat and that will give you the white for the pattern where no print is as well as giving life to the colour in the design. We can print in any color mode including CMYK and RGB.

Can you match an existing color that I have or print certain pantone colors?

The short answer it that we can try our best. For us to match existing colors of an image, we need to have a physical sample in hand to manually adjust colors to get the best possible color match during print proofing. Due to different types of printing, images, screens, etc we always try our best to match colors as closely as possible to your exact image but sometimes printed colors can vary from one printer to another as well as how they look on screen vs. printed out physically. We can print out colors that are very close but unless we have a color sample to go by, the colors may be slightly different and it is essential to be aware of this.

Is there shipping included in the price of the film?

Shipping is not included in the price per meter of film sold. We offer two UK mainland shipping options and many shipping options across the globe. We will notify you of the available options at the time of quoting your job.

Do you ship overseas or international?

Yes we do! Simply let us know where the film will be going and we will provide an approximate price for shipping with various methods. Please be aware that due to covid we may find that a shipping method has greatly increased in price by the time we come to ship your order. If this is the case the quoted price will have expired and we will have to provide the new shipping price whatever that may be. It will then be down to you the customer to decide whether to stick with that option or to select a cheaper alternative. If you have your own courier you are welcome to provide us with a label and we will use that.

Can I print multiple images on a meter of film or is it only 1 image per film?

You can print any number of images you would like as long as it fits into the 100cm x 100cm square meter that you are purchasing. If you have multiple images that you want to print we can scale them to size and let you know exactly how many meters you will need for a job.