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One of our most sought after services is Hydroprinting. This is an awesome process that takes the usual respray and turns it into something altogether more show stopping. Why get a simple spray job when you can include incredible graphics into your choice of colour? We have so many designs to choose from that we are certain to have something to suit your tastes. We can also get creative and use two or more patterns together or multiple colours to make something that really is a one of a kind project. We really are all about custom!

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Hydrographic printing is actually known by a few different names. It is also known as water transfer printing, hydrodipping, hydroprinting, cubic printing and fluid imaging to name but a few. This great printing technology uses a water-soluble film which holds a special ink which can be transfered onto other surfaces using a chemical activator. The actual base of the film dissolves in the water, leaving the ink behind ready to apply to your item. The ink then adheres to any item dipped into it in order to transfer the hydrographic to your piece. Hydroprinting is a really great method of applying patterns to a huge selection of items. It is actually in use in many places you probably aren’t even aware of. For example the wood grain effects you see on some vehicle interior trim pieces is applied on a production line using hydroprinting techniques. The likes of BMW, Mercedes and many more have used this technique for many years.

wood hydrographics film

In the past hydrodipping was always the weapon of choice for those with deep pockets or large companies due to the cost of the equipment and the fact that the technique was a hotly guarded secret in many industries. When the patent on the process ran out the secret was out and as the years have passed the technology became more readily available to smaller companies and those looking to take their passion for customising and finishing to a whole new level. It is this passion for all things custom that led us at Hydro Style UK to step into the fray and take our place in the Hydroprinting scene to offer the very finest hydroprinting, painting and finishing service to the whole of the UK. Our passion for customising is evident in everything we do and we go to exceptional lengths to ensure that every project that leaves our workshop meets our very exacting standards. We pride ourselves on the fact that we always have our customers leave with a big smile on their face.

The Steps We Take

Wondering how your project goes when it is at our workshop? Below is a basic overview of the Hydroprinting process. These are the main steps we take when working on your items:


To begin with your item is prepped. This is generally the bulk of the work given that items such as car wheels, motorcycle swing arms etc can be quite corroded and oily and need to be taken right back in order to get them ready for painting.


The next step is to prime the item. This means spraying a base coat of primer which can then be sanded back again to give a perfect surface on which to spray your colour. The colour of primer can be harnessed to give the colour placed upon it a different feel.


This step is where we will add your colour of choice. Our colours are often chosen based on how they will complement your chosen pattern and we go to great lengths to make any colour available to you to give your item a real one of a kind look. We will take time to discuss all options with you.


This is where we will add your hydrographic design. Using our state of the art hydrographics tank and activators we will make sure we get an awesome finish to your pattern. We have a huge range of Patterns to choose from so feel free to take a look. If you find a pattern you would like that we dont have on our site simply let us know and we will get it for you if we are able.


We will now add your lacquer to your product in order to seal in the pattern and make your item nice and durable. Extra layers can be added should our customer request it or if we deem it necessary such as in the case of a motorcycle frame that may get a bit of stick. Other finishes such as matte etc can be added at this stage too. Many options are available so please ask.


The final step is where we finish your item and carry out any final polishing, buffing or anything else that is required by your design. We will get in touch to let you know it is ready for collection or let you know we are sending it back to you.

You can see whether your item is suitable for this process by taking a quick read of our Suitability page or by giving us a call or sending us a message via our Contact Us page.

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