Suitability For Hydroprinting

The hydrographics process is a very versatile method of applying complex designs to a huge range of items. When it comes to the actual material, most items made of wood, metal, ceramics, glass, fiberglass and plastic respond very well to Hydroprinting processes and so are perfect candidates. As a general rule of thumb, if it can be painted and submerged safely in water then it can be hydrodipped.

Some examples of items that can be Hydroprinted on are as follows:

  • Car Interior Plastics. I.E. Door Handles, Centre Consoles, Interior Trim Pieces etc
  • Car Engine Bay Components. I.E. Battery Covers, Fuse Box Covers, ECU Covers, Rocker Covers, Slam Panels etc
  • Car Exterior Parts. I.E. Wing Mirrors, Grills, Body Trim, Wheels, Spoilers, Splitters etc
  • Motorcycle Parts. I.E. Sprocket Housings, Air Intake Covers, Swingarms, Fairings, Frames and many more
  • Bicycle Parts. I.E. Frames, Stems, Handle Bars etc
  • Laptop Cases
  • Phone Cases
  • Games Console Cases & Controllers
  • Air Rifles. I.E. Shrouds, Stocks, Silencers, Bipods
  • Crossbows
  • Picture Frames
  • Computer (PC) Cases & Peripherals

Unlike painting images and airbrushing, you can apply complex hydrographics patterns, such as camouflage, wood effects and carbon fiber effects, in a single step after prepping and painting your item. To find out for sure if your item is a good candidate for hydroprinting, please contact us.