October Newsletter 2022


Welcome to our October newsletter!

I thought that this month we would do something a little bit different and a little more personal rather than just seeming to throw products at you. As a lot of you may already know, we are a very small family run business. In fact there are currently only two employees (myself and Barry) while Josh is off on his apprenticeship learning how to spray full cars. Some people get the impression that we are a large company but in actuality we aren’t and we work very hard to make sure that we bring you the best products, service and customer experience that we can. On this theme I thought I would let you know a bit more about who we are before we move on to showing you the new products on offer this month.

Rik (The Supplies Guy)

So most of you receiving this email will have had some contact with me. I am the younger brother and I run Hydro Style UK Supplies Ltd which is it’s own entity aside from Barry’s business, Hydro Style UK, which he runs as a sole trader. We work side by side in the same premises because it allows us to work together to ensure products offered by me are the best possible and all of them are given the seal of approval by Barry before they are put on sale. If I am not at work my favourite things to do are to get out cycling, trail running or disappearing into ancient woodland to hunt for edible mushrooms. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons as this is when the mushroom season really kicks off. Last night saw me with a canvas bag full of mushrooms ready to take home for some delicious meals. I often wonder if any of you guys do the same. It is a hobby that has grown in popularity over the years.

Barry (The Workshop Guy)

Where do we start with Barry. Well Barry (or Baz to his mates) is the older brother and certainly the more hands on. Barry has always loved getting his hands dirty whether it be working on modifying cars, welding, engineering, spraying and pretty much anything else he can turn his hand to. He is the adrenaline junkie in the family who loves nothing more than dropping his visor and racing round various tracks in the UK. He has had a passion for petrol for longer than I can remember. Barry is the magician that turns boring old parts into works of art and his self taught skill with a spray gun is a sight to behold. With 10 years in the hydrographics industry (we set up Hydro Style UK together many years back before I went into supplies only), the things he doesn’t know about dipping probably aren’t worth knowing. Barry is the guy you will spend the day with on one of our tailored hydrodipping training courses. Just be sure to bring plenty of brew materials as he could probably single handedly keep Nescafe in business!

So there is a little bit about us. Just two hard working lads from Preston who do everything we can to bring you the best we have to offer. So now it’s onto the new products that I have added to the online shop over the last month. I hope you are as excited to see them as I was to get my hands on them!

Brand NEW candy colours!

This month I sourced some brand new candy colours to add to the online shop. 2 were on customer request and I thought why not take the opportunity to expand the range at the same time. Check out the new colours below:

candy paint uk
candy paint uk
candy paint uk
candy paint uk
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New Liquid Paint Options

Over the last month I have also made available the Nato Green and Sandy options of our paint range in liquid format. These are 500ml and 1000ml options. These are not pre-thinned so you get even more bang for your buck as you thin them 2:1.

hydrographics paint uk
hydrographics paint uk
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New 100cm Walnut Coming Soon!

Due to a customer request for a realistic walnut film we have decided to add a new walnut to our range. This will be coming to the online shop in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for that!

hydrodipping wood
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