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Our partners over at Cool Customz offer an amazing range of custom paints. We are able to obtain these paints for use in your projects so be sure to head over to their site if you would like something a bit more custom. Here is what they have to say:

Cool Customz Aerosol

Based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, COOLCARZ UK LTD® is a family run business. COOL CUSTOMZ® is their brand of custom paint, pigments, and metal flake.

We supply both to the professional and DIY markets and pride ourselves with the knowledge and experience to help get your project finished.

Our ‘Megashift®’ range of custom paint and pearls are unsurpassed in quality and colour changing ability, and will give you full chromatic colour changing effects depending on the angle of the light. These same pearls, and loading levels, are used in our custom filled aerosols. These are perfect for testing before scaling up into full sized projects.

Cool Customz Pigments Pearls Flakes

Our ‘Colourshift’ range are still colour changing pearls but their ability is often restricted to just two colours. These are more often known as ‘flip flop’ or ‘Chameleon’ pearls, and still give a great look for more reasonable cost.

We have access to 100s of different pearls and are adding to our range continually so if you don’t see what you’re looking for then please do ask.

Cool Customz Custom Paint

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