May Newsletter 2022


Wishing you a successful May!

We are fast approaching the mid way point in the year! Where does the time go?! As always here at Hydro Style HQ we are busy beavering away to bring you new products, great prices and more to ensure you have a fruitful year in your business. Take a look below to see a variety of new products that we have recently added to the online shop. As always there is a discount code also to thank you for keeping up to date with what we are doing.

New Custom Design

This month we added a brand new custom print to our in house printing lineup. This design is called Danish Plush and is hugely popular with truckers so it made sense to create our own offering for this design so that our customers for both the workshop and our fellow dippers will have something to offer their customers in order to match their carpets.

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ProXL Filler Range

This month we have added a brand new range of body fillers from ProXL. We have started using a lot of ProXL products in our own workshop and have been very impressed by the quality of it and as such it makes sense to increase our range of offerings to our customers also. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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Custom Prints

Our small run custom film service is growing rapidly in popularity with many happy customers having now used the service and begun to offer this service to their customers. Prices start at £25 per square metre but do come down once more is ordered. You can either send us your art or we can design the film for you. Being able to offer this service to your customers opens up a whole new world of potential jobs for you so be sure to spread the word that small run customs is now available in the UK. Our turnaround times are very fast so get in touch to see how we can help!

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As always we are open to suggestions on any new products or designs that you need us to get in stock so feel free to drop us an email at any time.