ProXL Generation 20 2K Universal Hardener 0.5 Litre

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This MATT 2k clear coat offers extra fast drying times with excellent flow out, ideal for many applications, particularly small jobs. A versatile clear lacquer, that will achieve a UV resistant, high-gloss and durable finish in just 2 coats.

Multiple gloss levels can be achieved by mixing GLOSS and MATT together so if you want a satin finish this is the way to go.

  • VOC content- Max 530 g/l RFU
  • Coverage- 6.6m²/litre at 50 μm
  • Pot Life- 6 hours at 20°C

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Universal 2K Hardener that provides excellent gloss retention, suitable for 2K Clearcoats, Primers and Solid Colours.